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Building a large or small coaching business can be an overwhelming task. It’s difficult to create and construct a brand while remembering all the pesky details.

The dream start up is to:
1. Help people solve problems
2. Have money in place to do what’s needed
3. Get the publicity that lets the audience know about the business, and
4. Have a coach to guide the way during a crucial launch.

Dreams do come true!
Ask Coach Liz provides coaches, small businesses owners and non-profits this exact assistance. Like any good business coach, we walk with you, assess your needs, identify solutions and help you build your presence with the details. However, our final product is unique and more provisionally functional than anything you can imagine.

How To Become A Songs That Give Coach

and increase your client base

Support is here for you. You no longer need to face the challenge alone.

Whether you have a course or you provide awesome coaching service there is a place for you with us. In collaborating with you, Ask Coach Liz supports you: pay you;
Are you a certified coach? Are you looking to work with a team? Are you up to the challenge? As unfamiliar tasks become increasingly challenging, business owners become lost in the forest of details. Clients may become distracted through the course of development. As an STG coach, your task is to identify strengths, conjoin the journey and navigate through the terrain to total and complete success, using the map we provide while keeping the client focused on the primary reason they are in business.

In collaborating with you, a certified coach, the client has better odds of being successful and staying on task. With no accountability, business owners can make obtaining success harder with each passing day. Many project developers and coaches now realize the value in joint venture projects. Beyond the accountability, partnering with Songs That Give benefits both the client and the coach. Continued partnering will uncover many tools and growth processes that will benefit all parties involved.
Our system is uniquely ours. We work hard at maintaining it while keeping our ears and eyes open for improving it. We want you to enjoy the journey with us, so any suggestions you may have are welcome for discussion as we work together. This way, we will grow in the spirit of partnership. Together!

Becoming a member of the STG Coaching team requires that you must be:

1. A Certified Business Coach, demonstrating distinction and credibility and your commitment to function at the highest level.
2. Willing to join with the spirit of partnership. Joining STG makes you part of a team committed to achieving total client success.
3. A person with a heart of compassion. A priority is wanting the best for the client.
The coaching industry is growing. There are many styles of coaching, coaches and skills, but there is only one you. Move forward with Songs That Give. Submit your questionnaire today. Don’t worry, your information is safe with us.

We will connect with you from your preferred choice of contact you place on the questionnaire to discuss coaching and more business expansion opportunities available to you.